Designer of a young and creative jewelry studio

We want to guide you in the purchase process and count on you in the customization of your jewelry.

We are working step by step, to improve every day in all aspects: designs, quality, processes, trends and service.

All the jewels are handmade, always with quality materials, noble metals and based on sustainability; we do several quality controls from the purchase of the materials, during the manufacturing process, in the revision of finishes and at the time of preparation of the jewel so that the delivery is perfect.

Located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we were looking for a heavenly place to play with our creativity and inspire us.

Always in exploration, experimentation of forms, materials, designs, colors and processes, our main objective is to make small pieces of high quality art that connect with people.

Sustainable jewelry

We take care of the selection of materials, each step of production, waste management, packaging and transport.

It is important to be in balance with the planet, so we have as a priority to work from environmental, economic, social and personal sustainability.

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