We want you to be as happy as we are when exploring your creativity by creating jewelry!

Jewelry Workshop

Learn Jewelry from Scratch – Monthly

Learn from scratch the basic techniques of artisanal manufacturing and jewelry design, in a creative and continuous workshop where practice and theory come together to make everything you imagine come true.
Program adapted to you, personalized and flexible.

Monthly cycles with weekly workshops of 2, 3 or 4 hours, depending on the availability of the participants. You can go as far as you wish.

The full development of the program is reached after approximately two years of continuous participation, but it all depends on the skills, the competencies, the time spent extra class and, above all, the desire of each of the participants.

See complete description of the Workshop “Learn Jewelry from scratch”.

Jewelry Workshop

Create your jewel – 1 Day

In this workshop you will discover some essential techniques of jewelry and the manufacturing process of a silver jewel.

First, we will see examples of what you can do, you will learn the safety rules, I will quickly show you the process of melting metal and making a sheet, and then it will be time to make your jewel.

Sawing, texturing the metal, welding, filing and polishing will be the activities that you will put into practice.
I will help and advise you throughout the manufacturing process, so that you can take your finished jewel.

Duration: 5 hours

See complete description of the Workshop “Create your jewel”.

Fees - Workshop Use (only for professionals and students linked to the study)

You can come to use the workshop if you already have knowledge in making jewelry but need some tools that you don’t have at home.

1 day Bonus:

  • 2h in a day: 15,00 €
  • 3h in a day: 20,00 €
  • 4h in a day: 25,00 €

4 days Bonus:

  • 4 days x 2 hours bonus: 54,00 €
  • 4 days x 3 hours bonus: 72,00 €
  • 4 days x 4 hours bonusy: 90,00 €

Terms & Conditions

  • The individual days will be paid each day at the beginning, in cash or card.
  • Four-day bonus have a 10% discount compared to buying the four single classes, and must be paid at the time of purchase.
  • The vouchers are for four days and can be spent at any time in the morning (10am – 14pm) or in the afternoon (16pm – 20pm), from Monday to Friday, with prior reservation according to workshop availability.
  • The use of the vouchers and the individual days are valid for 5 weeks from their payment date/ first day.
  • The use of the individual or 4-day vouchers is personal and non-transferable.
  • You can use all the heavy tools of the workshop and a work table, but you must bring all the consumable material and supplies, welding, saws, burs, drills, sandpaper, etc. In addition to individual tools like files and pliers.
    We also run private workshops to learn specific basic techniques, design advice, wedding band creation workshops.

Write to info@paoladuque.com to check schedules and availability or more information.

Fees - Workshop + Professional Guide (workshop/classes)


Consulting and individual guidance

  • Guide to the design and artisanal manufacture of jewelry, brand creation and entrepreneurship.
  • 1 hour: 25,00€


Create your Jewel – 1 day, 1 silver jewel

  • Intensity: 5 hours in a day creating a silver jewel with basic artisanal techniques. Includes guide, complete jewelry workshop use and 5g of silver.
  • 130,00 €


Learn jewelry from scratch – 2h

  • Intensity: 2 hours a week (8 hours a month / 4 classes per month)
  • Monthly fee: 136,00 €  – (34,00 € / class)


Learn jewelry from scratch – 3h

  • Intensity: 3 hours a week (12 hours a month / 4 classes per month)
  • Monthly fee: 204,00 €  – (51,00 € / class)


Learn jewelry from scratch – 4h

  • Intensity: 4 hours a week (16 hours a month / 4 classes per month)
  • Monthly fee: 272,00 €  – (68,00 € / class)


It includes:

  • Professional guide
  • Use of large workshop tools.
  • Specific material for class projects: Brass / copper

Does not include (except the workshop “Create your jewel”):

  • Silver, findings
  • The student must bring their pliers, files and supplies (saws, burs, drills, etc.)
  • Personal Safety equipment (required for using the workshop).

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